United Leadership Program

Your success and performance as a senior executive rest largely on the quality of the team you lead and develop around you. With current budget and resource constraints most senior executive need to unite their team to enhance the culture and improve performance, rather than hire in new talent.

Our approach helps senior leaders create a high performing united Team/Branch/Division/Organisation. The program offers an authentic partnership to co-design a model that lifts performance through clarity of purpose, alignment with work priorities, organisational values and bringing agreed behaviours to life.

Why implement the United Leadership Program?

You’re committed to:

  • Improving performance and business outcomes.
  • Enhancing leadership capacity in a sustainable way.
  • Addressing ‘People Survey’ results.
  • Improving the engagement and culture across your Team/Branch/Division/Department or Organisation.
  • Moving your team from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Program Outcomes:

  • Improved performance from the team.
  • A team that acts consistently with a common purpose.
  • There’s congruence between the team’s goals and their behaviour.
  • A motivated team that wants to work and achieve success together.

View Case Study – Implementing United Leadership in the private sector

View Case Study – Implementing a culture of United Leadership (Commonwealth public sector agency)

Before embarking on United Leadership ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your team have a clear purpose for existing?

  • Do you believe working better as a team will lead to better performance?

  • What are the leadership behaviours you need to stop doing, start doing and keep doing?