Executive Coaching

Our one-on-one and group coaching programs are designed as a bespoke arrangement based on your need. They are delivered by exceptional accredited coaches.

Kirribilli Partners is a preferred panel supplier (APSC) to the Australian Government for Learning and Development and Executive Coaching services. We  have more than one thousand hours of executive coaching experience to draw from.

We offer several multi-session coaching options. Including:

  • Winning a Senior Executive role. Practical coaching designed to help your SES readiness.
  • Leadership development. Coaching tailored to build your confidence with tools to enhance your leadership.
  • Building a high performing team. A coaching package designed to help technical experts transition toward leading a high performing team of technical experts.
  • Managing your career. Practical coaching that will help you navigate your next steps and align those steps with your strengths.

Sample of Coaching Testimonials

An Australian Government SES Coachee with a focus on building confidence in their new role:

Kirribilli Partners ‘Darren Stephenson managed to zone in very quickly on some really important areas for me – particularly in demonstrating leadership in my new role.  He was very practical and helped me see what was important.  This will have long term benefits to my own personal development and that of my team.

Building a good relationship and staying aligned with my new SESB2 manager was critical to my initial success in the role and Darren challenged and supported me really well on this which gave me confidence.  I’m pleased with my work performance and the strong senior network I’ve now established. This coaching has been very beneficial.’

An Australian Government EL2 Coachee focused on navigating their career more effectively:

‘The coaching really resonated with me and has helped significantly, one key learning that sticks out: “there is a right time and a wrong time for pursuing promotion and change”. I no longer walk blindly into new opportunities when they present, and my career change considerations are not simply based on the pay and conditions. I now focus first on myself and my family and then the opportunity. This is a big shift for me as for most of my professional career to date I had simply pursued pay and prestige. I was often unhappy in these roles and I now have a much better perspective, more confidence and sense of ownership to manage my career more effectively.  Darren’s coaching was very important in enabling this shift to occur’.

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