Emerging Leaders Program

What is it?

The Emerging Leaders Program provides middle managers in the public sector with practical leadership skills along with the confidence and nous to apply them now and in the future.

Who should attend?

High performing EL1, acting EL2 (or Commonwealth / ACT Government middle management equivalents) that have potential to lead well in the future and be a great boss (and peer).

Emerging Leaders Program evaluation feedback (sample) from participants:

“excellent, practical, useful. Something I’ll remember and return to for years to come.”

“A highly valuable program for any EL member of the APS”

“Amazing! The most valuable professional learning experience I have had.”

“Fabulous! Well organised, thoughtfully structured, engaging and informative.”

“Engaging, informative and fun. This Program has opened the door to manage my career and broaden my knowledge of leadership in the APS.”

“Great education into the various mechanisms, parts of leadership and career management.”

What are the benefits for participating? 

You will benefit from this program if you are committed to:

➢ Understanding your leadership strengths (and gaps) along with those within your circle of influence.

➢ Managing your career in a sustainable way.

➢ Building confidence through enhanced Executive Presence and Gravitas.

➢ Enhancing self awareness and how your behaviour/style impacts others – and doing something about it.

➢ Moving from the ‘doing’ to the ‘leading’: confidence to influence and delegate effectively.

➢ Leading yourself well in order to lead others well.

How Can I join?

Contact us today for more information or complete and return the Emerging Leaders Program Registration Form